Support during coronavirus pandemic

A Note from Toni ~

I’ve been practicing holistic medicine for the past 20 years, and I’ve never seen anything like what we’re going through now. None of us have. And although my recent years in the clinic have focused primarily in the area of dermatology, in this time of Covid-19 I’ve been asking myself – how can my clinic help?

I’ve spent these past weeks researching extensively about herbs and formulas used to treat viral illnesses, the current herb combinations they’re using in China for various symptoms and different stages of COVID-19, and the specific immune-boosting blends that are recommended based on the nature of this particular pathogen.

We have an extensive herb pharmacy and machines that are highly effective at extracting herbs into strong, powerful teas. So, in addition to continuing treatment for my dermatology patients (via Telemedicine sessions), I’m also here to help in 2 ways:

  • Customized Herb Teas for Upper Respiratory Infections – Appointments     available via Telemedicine only (read more below)
  • Immune Boosting Teas & Tincture – No appointment necessary


These immune-enhancing products are designed for those without symptoms. They are in no way meant to be used as a “vaccine” against coronavirus. They should be used over time to build up general immunity.

Turbo Immune Boost – Mini Tea Pouches
Recommended Dose: 1 pouch every other day ~ 3 to 4 per week.
A couple can share one pouch per day.

Immune Boost Tincture
The tincture is milder and can be used two to four times per day. The tincture is alcohol-based. If administering to children, mix with boiling water to boil off the alcohol.

Pouches – $5/pouch
Tincture – $19.50/jar
plus tax and shipping

About the Immune Enhancing Herbs
The immune-boost formulas come from guidelines published by TCM doctors in China who have been treating coronavirus and administering immune boosting formulas to medical professionals. They include immune boosting herbs, anti-viral herbs, herbs to “calm the spirit,” and aromatic herbs widely used in the epidemic in China right now to “transform dampness.”

Customized Herb Teas for Upper Respiratory Infections
It goes without saying that I hope nobody in my family or circle of friends and patients becomes ill in any way in this time – and that social distancing and self-quarantining are effective measures to flatten the curve against the rise of COVID-19.

But in the event that you or someone you know gets sick, herb teas can be effective at managing symptoms on a person-by-person basis. Each formula is customized and formulated to match the nature of people’s cough, phlegm, fever, headaches and other symptoms.

Bookmark this page in the event that you need it in the future. If you do become ill, first and foremost – follow the advice of your doctor. They have far more expertise than I do in differentiating severe symptoms that require immediate attention or hospitalization.

If you develop any upper respiratory symptoms, and would like to incorporate herb teas together with any other treatment prescribed by your doctor, I recommend that you schedule a telemedicine consultation with me.


 I see my role as being one to help alleviate symptoms, restore health more quickly (when possible) and offer the resources of my clinic to help people if needed as this pandemic unfolds. My pharmacy is stocked and I’ll be staying up to date on recommended treatment protocols.

Here are a couple of articles about China’s use of integrative medicine to manage coronavirus that may be helpful and informative:

I sincerely hope that in the coming weeks and months, the only formulas that we’ll be making here are herbs to heal skin conditions and enhance immunity!

Please let us know should you have any questions regarding our health practices or any related concerns. We thank you for your understanding and loyalty during these difficult and stressful times. We are honored to serve you and help you stay well and centered.

And thank you, as always, for choosing Yin Yang Dermatology.

Yours in health,
Antonia Balfour, L.Ac.
Founder and Herbalist