Yin Yang Dermatology – Holistic Healing for Skin, Los Angeles


What is Yin Yang Dermatology?

The Yin Yang Dermatology library of herbs: jars and bottles lining clean wooden shelves.

The name Yin Yang Dermatology –

~ Refers to the Chinese herbs that lay the foundation of our practice

~ And also refers to our overarching philosophy of holistic dermatology

~ In Chinese medicine, “Yin” and “Yang” describe opposites that … More…

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Our Holistic Approach

Chinese herbs, in raw and packaged form.

Antonia Balfour inspects a child-patient's elbow with a magnifying glass.

Treatment of Skin Conditions:

In our practice, we combine the rich and historic teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) together with modern botanical research on plants, extracts, and healing oils from around the world in order to optimize results for … More…

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