Is Herbal Dermatology a Good Match For Your Skin?

Many of our patients are people who gravitate toward herbal medicine and a holistic lifestyle. Others have become totally frustrated with the pharmaceutical medications they’ve used. It doesn’t really matter why people choose Chinese herbs to heal their skin. Here are some factors that will help indicate if herbs are a good match for you –
What are you looking for help with?

Herbs are great to heal inflammatory conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and others. For certain cosmetic treatments like fillers and botox, western medicine is the way to go. We also don’t treat skin cancer at our clinic.

Is your current treatment working?

Some people come to our clinic and say they’ve tried everything to heal their skin, and nothing has worked. Whether they’ve radically changed their diet to be totally healthy or they’ve been on strong pharmaceuticals for a long time – herbs will still be a new and different approach. Very often herbs successfully treat skin conditions when other methods have failed.

Are you looking to heal your own skin or someone else’s?

When people decide on behalf of their spouse, partner, or grown child that herbal dermatology would be great for them, it often doesn’t end well. It’s always best if the person in need of treatment chooses and commits to the herbal journey themselves. One exception, of course, is eczema treatment for babies and small children, which is very effective. Babies are often treated with topical baths, creams and salves, whereas older children take herbs internally.

Are you OK with earthy-tasting herbs?

Herbal teas can taste earthy. Most people get used to drinking the teas and find ways to make it palatable. Successful patients are committed to drinking the teas twice a day, and sticking with it. Healing from the inside out is a journey and can take time, and drinking the teas daily is an essential part of healing from within.

Does insurance need to cover the cost of your dermatology treatment?

Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover the cost of herbs at all. Herb costs vary depending on the herbs in the formula. More information on our pricing can be found here.

Are you pregnant or nursing?

We recommend waiting until after delivery and weaning before beginning to take herbs.

Where do you live?

For people outside the L.A. area, we do offer distance consultations through Skype or FaceTime. We are unable to ship herbs outside the U.S., so we typically don’t offer international consultations.

Would you like to learn more?

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