• What is Yin Yang Dermatology?

    The name Yin Yang Dermatology refers to the Chinese herbs that lay the foundation of our practice, and also refers to our overarching philosophy of holistic dermatology. In Chinese medicine, “Yin” and “Yang” describe opposites that together form a whole.

  • Our Holistic Approach

    In our practice, we combine the rich and historic teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern botanical research on plants, extracts, and healing oils from around the world to optimize results for many different skin conditions.


Toni examines a patient

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About Us

Yin Yang Dermatology is a natural and holistic dermatology practice focused on healing skin from the inside out. We combine Chinese herbal medicine (which we prescribe as teas that patients drink) together with natural ointments, creams and salves. These topical…

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Our Herbalist

Antonia (“Toni”) Balfour is an herbalist and acupuncturist specializing in the holistic treatment of skin conditions. She is the founder of Yin Yang Dermatology and co-owner of its sister business, Oasis Palisades. Both health & wellness centers are in the…

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Eczema in a Baby I know all new moms struggle somewhat when they first have a baby, but I feel like it’s taken me 18 months to come out of a total fog. Charlie’s 6-month battle with eczema put all…

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