Holistic Dermatology in Action – for Babies and Children

Leaf-2b Holistic dermatology focuses on individualized treatment of eczema – in babies, children and adults alike. Our approach utilizes herbal medicine. Each herb is chosen to address the precise look of the skin, the severity of the condition, and other health factors.

In most cases, for children under the age of 2 I like to start with topical treatment only. When the eczema is severe, or for toddlers and older children, internal herbs are the best way to address the underlying root of the problem and heal from within.

Whether it be topical or internal, different herbs are chosen for wet, weepy eczema than for dry, flaky eczema. Herbs will vary depending on the level of redness, if there is bleeding or scabbing or if there is crusting or scaling.

Topical treatment involves cooking the herbs into a tea which will then be used as a wash or compress. The herb wash is followed by a cream or ointment which is applied 2 to 3 times per day.

Internal herbs can be given in one of three ways. The first (and most effective) is in the form of a tea. Because the tea tastes earthy, it can be difficult to administer to babies and young kids. Babies generally do best with a glycerine-based tincture that tastes quite sweet. Herbal formulas can also be made into powdered granules, which is the method of choice for toddlers. Granules can be mixed into applesauce or blended into a smoothie. As with anything, herbs are easy to administer to some children, whereas others need a little bit more coaxing and experimentation to find the best method.

The beauty of herbs is that they are customized for each child. Most children respond quickly and positively to herbal treatment with eczema improving significantly (and in many cases healing completely).


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