Natural Treatment of Rosacea: Patient Stories

Leaf-2bLet’s take a look at a couple of patients who came in looking for natural treatment for rosacea ~

Erin and Katie were both in their late thirties when they first came in with rosacea. Both had pale skin. Both became easily flushed in their cheeks. Both experienced worse symptoms after drinking alcohol. Both would get bad flare-ups from too much Los Angeles sunshine. And both had symptoms that would come and go.

Erin had spider-like/purplish veins in her cheeks known as telangiectasia. Katie didn’t.

Erin and Katie were given the same tincture and the same cream to apply topically. They were prescribed internal herbal formulas that were similar – with the main focus being on clearing internal heat. But in Erin’s formula, very specific ingredients were added to eliminate the spider-like veins.

Katie’s symptoms completely cleared after nine weeks of treatment, and her skin remains healthy.

Erin’s symptoms took a little bit longer to clear. She took herbs and applied the cream and tincture for a total of 14 weeks. At that time, the rosacea was totally resolved. A year later, though, she had an unexpected day in the sun which resulted in an intense flare-up. The redness returned to her cheeks and nose, and small red bumps emerged on her cheeks. She was treated with herbs for 4 weeks, at which time the condition was fully stabilized once again.

These two cases are quite typical of rosacea patterns we see in our clinic. When patients avoid the summer sun and drinking too much alcohol, most achieve great results on a long-term basis.

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