Eczema in a Baby

I know all new moms struggle somewhat when they first have a baby, but I feel like it’s taken me 18 months to come out of a total fog. Charlie’s 6-month battle with eczema put all of us through a living hell. He was so incredibly itchy. It broke my heart to see him suffer. We tried to stop the scratching by putting socks on his hands, but that made him crazy. Charlie almost never slept for more than 2 hours in a row. He woke up all the time, crying and itching, no matter what soothing ointment we tried. The Chinese washes were amazing, and he was totally fine taking the tinctures. He must have sensed how good they were for him, because he always opened his mouth wide when the herb dropper was close. I still think it’s a miracle that the eczema is gone now. All of us are sleeping, and I feel like I’m getting to be myself again. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have found you!
– CA

Perioral Dermatitis

I always took having great skin for granted. However, during my first year of law school I began to get some minor breakouts. I attributed this to the new stress of school and proceeded to buy more face washes and moisturizers. Over the next couple of months there were a few miniscule bumps that appeared on my chin area. The bumps were so small and resembled something like a white head, so I didn’t think anything of it. However, the bumps slowly began to turn into cystic acne (the big painful, under the skin ones). The breakouts increasingly got worse and worse until I was getting new cystic acne basically every few days without relief.

After seeing several dermatologists, the doctors diagnosed it as Perioral Dermatitis. However, little is known about the skin condition, so when I asked how to treat it I got the frustrating answer that there are several different methods to try, but results vary person to person and no one thing works for everyone. So I would spend hours searching the Internet for any recommendations or suggestions regarding Perioral Dermatitis, but the lack of knowledge on the condition was overwhelming and ultimately resulted in conflicting recommendations. I saw multiple dermatologists, went on Doxycycline, and used various cleansers and creams, but nothing helped. Everything I tried only seemed to make it worse.

Finally, after 8 months of struggling with the horrible condition I had my appointment at Yin Yang Dermatology with Toni after seeing her website from a Perioral Dermatitis Internet search. At this point in time I was so desperate to try anything. During our initial consultation, Toni told me that while she couldn’t guarantee success (because of course nothing can be completely and irrevocably guaranteed), she was very confident that the tea would cure the Perioral Dermatitis. She was right.

The hardest thing to hear when you are in a place of desperation is “do nothing”. But this is what you must do with Perioral Dermatitis. All the cleansers and face washes that I was using were only making it worse because it is a temperamental condition that gets instantly irritated by outside forces. Thus, I began only washing my face with a regular white soap bar and proceeded to take the tea twice a day. Within a month I was already seeing a big improvement. Within two months the breakouts were becoming few and far between. By the third month, the scars were fading and I wasn’t getting any new breakouts.

I feel like I have my life back now. I’m back to my normal self again, no longer trying to hide indoors because of my horrible skin. Perioral Dermatitis is such an awful skin condition that can turn your life upside down, but if you stick with the teas diligently, they do work. I remember searching every possible blog on the Internet in the hope that I would come across a success story that had a clear direction of what to do. My hope is that others will find Yin Yang Dermatology as soon as they are identified as having Perioral Dermatitis so they can cure the condition as soon as possible and be able to move on with their life in a healthy and happy way.

– KD, Los Angeles


I’m not sure which was worse when I first came to see you – my acne or my depression. I felt so unattractive (just gross sometimes). Of course I was convinced that everyone else thought the same about me, too. I was in shock when it started to clear up, and after two and a half months it was totally gone. Now, almost a year later, I smile at males (and sometimes even say hi). I’m more confident in school. And I truly feel like a stronger person overall. I wasn’t thrilled with the taste of the herbs, but now I can honestly say I don’t know what my life would be like if I hadn’t taken them. Thank you, thank you!
– EF, age 17

Perioral Dermatitis

I saw several dermatologists to treat my Perioral Dermatitis and no matter what they gave me, it just got worse and worse. A part of me believed there had to be some sort of natural cure, but after trying a gluten-free diet, completely giving up sugar, and avoiding all caffeine and chocolate, my skin was still bad. I felt completely hopeless. I’m so glad I turned to the internet and found Toni. It’s taken a few months, but the herbal teas have completely cleared my skin. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.


I’ve been depressed for years due to genital herpes. Every time I met a new guy I would sabotage the relationship unwittingly because, who would want to date someone with herpes? But really – dating was the least of my worries. The pain and annoyance of constant outbreaks just made me miserable all-around.

I was lucky enough to find Toni online and give Chinese Herbs a try. I can’t tell you how it’s changed my life. I sent pics to Yin Yang and did phone consults so it was very comfortable. Toni made me feel excited with the possibilities that the herbs had to offer. In the months since I started taking the herbs my outbreaks have all but disappeared. I no longer fear dating, my depression has lifted and I am truly hopeful for the future. Toni says I won’t need herbs for much longer, but part of me feels like I never want to stop taking these herbs.    – Anonymous

Pre-teen Acne

My daughter is only 10 but her acne was reading like she was 13. I had never had bad acne myself so I didn’t know what to do. I tried all sorts of over the counter typical acne medications to no avail. Some of the products just made it worse. A dear friend recommended Yin Yang Dermatology and I am so happy she did. Although it took her a few days to stop complaining about the taste, the results have been miraculous. Her skin is back to normal and the topical creams feel so good, and they seem to regulate the oil her skin is producing too. I am so happy to have found Toni, thank you for your expertise

– RFS Santa Monica

Atopic Eczema

I have struggled with allergies and eczema since I was a very young child. I had so many patches of itchy red skin it covered my arms, legs elbows, back of my knees etc….

I thought I would just have to live with it forever. I happened to be doing research on holistic options when I came across Yin Yang Dermatology. I thought why not give it a try. I had a great consultation where I felt heard about just how much this has affected my life. The herbs have helped tremendously. I no longer have to search for answers. The taste wasn’t bad at all and now I look forward to taking the tea knowing what it has done for me. A million thanks for the relief.

JCB, Las Vegas, NV

Perioral Dermatitis

I’m an actress so having been diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis was devastating to me as I’m sure it is for anyone. It’s hard to feel confident going out on auditions with a red rash on my face. I may have nailed an audition but I knew I’d never get a part looking the way I did. Make-up can only do so much to cover the rash, and at the end of the day it would make my skin even worse.

I heard TCM might be able to help and boy did it ever! The difference is night and day. I’ve been taking my custom herbs for four months and have been extremely happy with the results.

Each batch of tea seems to bring about even better results. Toni is a master at what she does. Thank you so much!!

-SJ Brentwood CA

Adult Acne

Acne at 35? I thought this was a thing of the past. I learned so much from Toni at Yin Yang about my skin and how this could be happening. I was determined to clear this condition up because it was beginning to make me feel like people were staring.

I took took the herbs religiously, washed with the herbal wash, followed up with the herbal cream. I am happy to report fantastic results!! I recommend anyone with a skin condition work with Toni at Yin Yang. You’ll be happy you did.


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