Our unique approach to treating acne combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with research on the benefits of modern botanical extracts from around the world. This way, we integrate “the best of both worlds” to achieve the most effective holistic treatments available. Internal herbs lay the foundation of healing from within, while topical treatment with creams, masques or herbal washes adds to the efficacy and expedites clearing of the skin.

Leaf-2aWhat’s Unique About *My* Acne?

In holistic dermatology, everyone’s case of acne is unique. Chinese medicine focuses on the underlying “patterns of disharmony” associated with each individual’s skin problems. How can we tell what patterns you have? Read more…

Leaf-2bNatural Treatment of Acne

Let’s take a look at a couple of our patients who saw us for natural treatment of acne.

Leaf-2cWhy go Holistic?

Holistic treatment for acne is generally highly effective with long-lasting results. When the body is brought into balance, other symptoms are also resolved. Read more about the holistic treatment of acne

Leaf-2fWhen Will I Be Better?

A treatment course for acne can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months (or in severe cases, even longer). We treat until the condition is stable. Once this happens, the body naturally remains in a healthy state on its own. Read more…

LeafDoes Herbal Medicine Really Work?

Herbal medicine is one of the most effective methods to address underlying imbalances and completely eradicate acne. Although many holistic practitioners recommend dietary changes as the primary treatment for acne, we have found over and over again that clean eating just isn’t enough. Read more…

Leaf-2gWhat about Acupuncture?

Acupuncture benefits the stress that is often a factor in flare-ups of acne. Acupuncture is secondary, though, with herbal medicine being the most important holistic treatment. Some of our patients choose to receive acupuncture, while many are treated solely with internal and topical herbs.