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The International Chinese Medicine Dermatology Association (ITCMDA) is an organization of Chinese medicine doctors, licensed acupuncturists, MD’s and Naturopathic Doctors with specialized training in Chinese medicine dermatology. Our members are all licensed or registered health care professionals and have received rigorous training in the specialty of Chinese medicine dermatology. Our organization serves to inform the public and healthcare professionals about the bene ts of Chinese medicine dermatology and as a resource for those seeking quality Chinese medicine care.

The ITCMDA was the vision of founding president Mazin Al-Khafaji – a world leader in Chinese medicine dermatology, recognized for his many contributions. Al Khafaji’s Chinese Medicine dermatology training program and rigorous examinations have become the gold standard to test competency in the Chinese medicine treatment of common skin disorders.

Mazin Al-Khafaji, Dr. CM (China), L.Ac, FRCHM, MATCM
Trevor Erikson, Dr. TCM
Aletta Georgii, MD
Antonia Balfour, MA, LAc
Josef Hummelsberger, MD
Marnae Ergil, MA, MS, DACM, LAc
Michael Wullinger, MD
Walter Geiger, ND
Nikolaus Schaumann, MD
Caroline Radice, MS, DACM, LAc
Wolfram Schwarz, MD
Bill Schoenbart, MA, DAOM, LAc
Joseph Alban, MA, LAc