Molluscum Contagiosum

Our holistic approach to treating molluscum combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with current research on the pharmaceutical benefits of modern botanical extracts and exotic oils. This way, we integrate “the best of both worlds” to achieve the most effective holistic treatments available.

Leaf-2cWhy go holistic?

Holistic treatment for molluscum is effective and generally painless compared to freezing the lesions, lasers, or other treatments offered in western medicine. The herbs can be messy, and they aren’t covered by insurance. But herbal medicine is a great choice for many people – mostly because it works!

Leaf-2f When will I be better?

Molluscum generally responds very well to treatment with herbs. Many cases clear within a month. Treatment can take longer in patients who also have eczema, or in stubborn or severe cases.

LeafDoes herbal medicine really work?

Yes! Topical anti-viral herbs are highly effective in healing molluscum. In more complicated cases where the molluscum has been resistant to other treatments, or in patients with weaker immune systems, then internal herbs will be prescribed as well. A strength of Chinese medicine is that the herbs will be customized to meet the individual needs of each person. So any complicating factors or deficiencies will be addressed by the herbs – creating a truly holistic treatment option.

Leaf-2gWhat about Acupuncture?

Because herbal medicine is very effective in treating molluscum, we have found no need to utilize acupuncture as an additional modality.


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