Does Herbal Medicine Really Work?

LeafPsoriasis is a long-term, auto-immune condition that is often described as “incurable.” That said, herbal medicine is one of the most powerful treatments for this stubborn condition and clear the skin. Herbal medicine is not effective for everyone, but the majority of our patients show significant improvement – often with lesions completely resolving. Many go into complete remission, and one course of herbs is all they need. Others have subsequent flare-ups (usually if there’s a major life-stress event) and require a follow-up course months to years later.

Just as treatment is individualized and varies from person to person, results are highly individualized as well. From treating the skin internally and addressing the condition at the root, approximately 70% of our patients experience positive results. In many of these cases, the skin completely clears. Others have significant improvement, but some lesions continue to linger. Approximately 30% of patients show no improvement with holistic modalities (which is usually apparent within six to eight weeks).