What’s Unique About *My* Rosacea?

IMG_9975 copy resizedLeaf-2aIn Chinese medicine, everyone’s case of rosacea is unique. Our customized herbal remedies focuses on the underlying “patterns of disharmony” associated with each individual’s skin problems.

How can we tell what patterns you have?

First, Antonia closely examines your skin and takes close-up photos of your face. (Photos are also taken in each follow up visit in order to keep track of how things are changing). The look of the skin gives us lots of information about what is going on internally. Chronic redness indicates a different pattern than redness that comes and goes. Rosacea with pimple-like bumps is diagnosed differently from rosacea with no bumps. Spider-like veins indicate their own specific pattern. And if eye symptoms are present, this indicates still another separate pattern. In all these cases the key to successful treatment with Chinese medicine is identifying the underlying imbalances in order to come up with the most targeted herbal treatment.
Antonia also determines what inner imbalances led to the rosacea expressing in the first place. What other symptoms do you have? Are there digestive symptoms like acid regurgitation, loose stools or constipation. Are there symptoms of dryness like a dry mouth or dry stools? In the herbal consultation we discuss everything from workplace/environmental factors to family history to physical and emotional signs and symptoms.

Chinese Herbal Formulas for Rosacea

Once she identifies the patterns of disharmony, Antonia puts together a custom herbal formula. There are multiple ingredients in each person’s herbal remedy to address each of these patterns. The ingredients in the formula change over time as the skin evolves and heals.
Antonia also recommends the best topical treatment (which may come in the form of an herb wash, toner, masque or cream) as well as beneficial foods and foods to avoid.