Internal Herbs

Internally administered herbs are the mainstay of treatment in holistic dermatology. Each herbal blend is customized to meet the unique needs of every individual.

Methods of Taking Internal Herbs
 Vacuum-sealed Bags of Tea

Chinese Herb Tea PouchesPre-cooked tea in a vacuum-sealed bag. Dose: 2 bags/day

We have found the most effective method of treatment in herbal dermatology is with vacuum-sealed bags of herbal tea. They are convenient for patients and allow us to prescribe the high dosages of herbs necessary to clear the skin. Because no preparation is needed, our patients find it easy to continue treatment as long as necessary to get optimal results. Our herbs originate in China and are imported by American companies which test each batch for quality and purity. Testing is done here in the U.S. and ensures there are no pesticide residues or microorganisms.

Pros –
• Most Effective
• Fastest Results
• Tested for Quality and Purity

Cons –
•  More Expensive than other Methods

Glycerine Tinctures – for Babies & Toddlers
Toddler Happily taking Glycerine Tincture

Toddler Happily taking Glycerine TinctureGlycerine Tinctures

Given to babies and small children when topical treatment alone isn’t enough for complete healing. Because of the very sweet flavor of glycerine, these tinctures are generally quite easy to administer to kids.

Herbal Powder

Dissolve in 1/4 cup of hot water – 3 times per day
Herbal powders are only recommended for mild to moderate cases or for short periods of time (for example, only while traveling). The herbal treatment of skin conditions requires very high dosages in order to effect the kind of change necessary to change the internal terrain. It’s difficult to achieve these high dosages with herbal powders. Therefore, results are significantly slower with powders compared to herbal teas.

• Portable & easy to administer
• Less expensive than teas

• Not as effective as teas
• Slower results

Herbal Capsules

10 capsules (more or less) 3 times/day with a warm beverage
Herbal capsules are basically the same as powders – only the powder has been put into capsules. They are slightly more expensive than powders.

• For those who truly can’t tolerate internal teas, capsules offer a viable solution

• Not as effective as teas
• Slower results
• A standard dose in dermatology requires swallowing 30 capsules (more or less) per day


Whether you take tea from vacuum-sealed bags, powders, or that you’ve cooked up yourself, the fact is – they just don’t taste too good at all. Drink your herbs while warm – not hot. That helps. Also, chase the herbs down with something that has a lot of flavor. A couple of sips of a strong tasting juice like pomegranate or cranberry juice can clear the palate quickly. A handful of raisins can also be helpful. And remember – it’s worth it for the results you’ll be getting!