Natural Eczema Treatment for Babies

In my herbal dermatology practice, I see a lot of patients who are grappling with the challenges of skin conditions. People with severe acne can also have anxiety and social challenges, people with dermatitis on the face worry… Read More

Herpes: A Patient Story

In this video, Toni describes the healing journey of a patient who turned to Chinese herbal medicine when other treatments stopped working. Although her case was more severe than most, many of her struggles are universal to people… Read More

Treating Genital Herpes with Herbal Medicine

Herpes is a condition that not a lot of people want to talk about. It’s not uncommon for me to see a patient who tells me that they’ve never talked about their genital herpes before or never told… Read More

The Launch of Our YouTube Channel

So excited to announce the launch of our YouTube channel! Check out our introductory video… Please feel free to “like” the video, and if you know anyone who might benefit from seeing it, feel free to click “share”… Read More

Herbal Treatment of Molluscum Contagiosum in Kids

When I treat young children in my herbal dermatology practice, the most common condition I see is eczema. In second place is a viral condition called molluscum contagiosum. It’s actually quite common for kids with eczema to also… Read More

Perioral Dermatitis: How Chinese Medicine Can Help

I write a lot about perioral dermatitis (POD) on this site for a couple of reasons. First – I treat a lot of it in my Chinese medicine practice. Second – it’s a very rewarding condition to treat…. Read More

Christmas Arrives at Yin Yang Dermatology!

Two days before Christmas, just as we were getting ready to turn out the lights and go home for the holidays, a huge crate arrived at our door. I had almost forgotten it was coming that day. Naturally… Read More

A Tale of 3 Herbs: Customizing a Formula for Acne

If you’ve spent any time on this site, you’ve probably seen references to “customized” formulas. Customizing involves choosing precise herbs that differ from person to person – treating not only the individual nature of their skin condition, but… Read More

This Isn’t “Normal” Rosacea! … Why Herbs Offer the Best Treatment

It happens so often in dermatology that the appearance of someone’s skin condition doesn’t quite match up with the “textbook” photos and descriptions. That’s what happened with a woman I began treating 5 months ago who had quite… Read More

Herbs from China: Can They Be Trusted?

It happens quite often that I see a patient who has concerns about herbs that come from China. We’ve all heard the stories of toxic products coming from China – not to mention the worries we have about… Read More