Our holistic approach to treating eczema combines the wisdom of traditional Chinese herbal medicine with current research on the pharmaceutical benefits of modern botanical extracts and exotic oils. This way, we integrate “the best of both worlds” to achieve the most effective holistic treatments available. Internal herbs lay the basic foundation of healing from within, while topical treatment adds to the efficacy and expedites healing.

The term eczema describes a range of chronic, inflammatory skin conditions. Features of eczema rashes may include redness, cracking, crusting or blistering. In some cases there may be swelling or oozing, whereas others are very dry and itchy. We treat each person according to the unique nature of their skin as well as their overall constitution.

Leaf-2aAtopic Eczema

Leaf-2bEczema in Babies & Children

Leaf-2cDyshidrotic (Pompholyx) Eczema

Leaf-2fNummular Eczema

LeafStasis Dermatitis