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Clear Skin for the Holidays

ANewWomanWashingFAce-85x4Check out Toni’s Mind Body Green Article – “5 Natural Ways To Clear Up Your Acne In Time For The Holidays

Secrets of Successful Patients

When I meet a patient for the first time, they often ask me about my success rate treating people with similar cases.R_0039- resized

The truth is, a big part of whether treatment will be successful or not depends on the patient … More…

My Journey into Holistic Medicine

My first exposure to holistic healing was in Taichung, Taiwan. I lived there for a year after college – teaching English as a second language and looking for some adventure. For years I had suffered from TMJ and the headaches … More…

Toni Interviewed on the Dr. Holly Lucille Show

holly-lucille-hostHear Toni’s interview with Dr. Holly Lucille on “5 Holistic Ways to Treat Acne.” In it, she discusses the benefits of customized herbal formulas as well as topical treatment you can do on your own at home!

When Herbs Don’t Work

Herb PharmacyEvery now and then I hear from someone with a chronic skin condition who is frustrated with holistic medicine. They often tell me – “I’ve tried herbs, but they don’t work for me.” Yet they still want to see what … More…

Thoughts on “Microbiome of the Gut” Lecture from UCLA

Check out this great lecture, “Wellness and the Immune System” about the microbiome of the gut! Gut Microbes

Although the lecture relates to cancer, this information is so relevant for all of us, especially people with chronic skin conditions. Not … More…

Toni’s MBG article: 4 Reasons All Psoriasis Sufferers Should Try Chinese Herbs

Check out the article Toni wrote for Mind Body Green – posted today: “4 Reasons All Psoriasis Sufferers Should Try Chinese Herbs!”

Two to Three percent of the population have psoriasis, making it the most common autoimmune condition in the … More…

About Us

Herbal teas, creams, salves and serums to heal the skin.

Yin Yang Dermatology is a holistic dermatology practice focused on healing skin from the inside out. We have a fully stocked, on-site herbal pharmacy where we combine Chinese herbal medicine (which we prescribe as teas that patients drink) together with … More…

Tips for Psoriasis & Eczema

All of my psoriasis and eczema patients take internal herbs 2-3 times/day and also use our Yin Yang topical creams and salves. Many of them incorporate added “home remedies” to speed up healing. Check out my article on Mind Body … More…

Internal Herbs – Herbal Teas

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