Holistic Treatment for Herpes

A Topic Not Many Want to Discuss

Zi Cao – a Powerful Anti-viral Herb Often Used to Treat Herpes

Every now and then when someone calls to schedule an appointment, they flat out don’t want to tell us about their condition over the phone. Almost always when this happens, it turns out the patient has herpes.

Nobody wants to talk about it, yet it’s such an incredibly common condition. Even during a private consultation – I’ve had patients (both men and women alike) who won’t even utter the word herpes when talking about their condition.

Hopefully by me writing about it, people will become more comfortable discussing it openly and seeking the treatment they need.

For me, it’s a condition I really enjoy treating.

Why…? Well, firstly because herpes responds very well to holistic treatment with Chinese herbs. And secondly, herpes is something that takes a real toll on people’s quality of life. When they get great results with natural treatment, they become much happier. And I love seeing that transformation.

What is holistic treatment all about?

I prescribe herbal treatment (in the form of teas or powders) based on the nature of the lesions themselves as well as the whole health picture. We discuss the lesions – how painful are they? Is there nerve pain? Is there burning or stabbing pain? How often are there outbreaks? How much redness is there? I also ask detailed questions about blistering.

In addition, I find out about other aspects of each person’s overall health. In women, outbreaks can be closely linked to the period. Some women have outbreaks before or during the period, while others have outbreaks during ovulation. For some, the outbreaks are like clockwork – appearing every month at the same time. And for others, they only happen during times of stress. And obviously for men, the triggers are completely different.

Holistic medicine is particularly powerful in situations where more than one factor is involved. If stress triggers outbreaks, herbs address both the stress and the outbreak. If periods trigger outbreaks, the same holds true.

The strength of holistic medicine lies in putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together to completely stop outbreaks from occurring and greatly improve overall health and well-being.

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